Rewards and Sanctions


At Harmonize Academy, everyone has the responsibility to help themselves and others to get the best out of their time spent here. Each learner has the responsibility to be aware of and understand the rules. Staff are responsible for encouraging positive behaviour and imposing fair consequences on students who significantly break these rules.



Positive social and learning behaviour is encouraged through:

  • Visible behaviour procedures and policy with a clear chain of command.
  • Consistent approach where all staff and volunteers operate to the same standards when dealing with issues.
  • Good Practice in classroom management and teaching, with high learner- teacher ratios.
  • Good behaviour management and expectations between sessions.
  • Pastoral support so that every learner has a member of staff to support them with their programme.
  • High intensity monitoring that enables identification of trouble ‘hotspots’ and effective strategies, and that also builds learner and carer awareness and commitment.
  • Individual Learning Plans incorporating goals which are specific, measurable, meaningful, achievable, realistic and time-bound with high expectations of learners learning and behaviour.
  • An education package based on subjects and activities that the learners are interested in. A clear progression through the program with reward and acknowledgements relates to their behavioural and learning achievements.
  • Positive family contacts through formal and informal means.
  • Positive role modelling across the whole team combined with active teaching strategies for overcoming difficulties.
  • Personal Development where the group works as a whole and individually to understand and encourage positive behaviour.
  • Empowerment through participation in decision making on this project under any circumstances.



Positive behaviour is rewarded through a clear system of recognising positive choices and consequences. Positive behaviour can be rewarded individually or as a group or class. The reason for each reward must be clearly stated to the learner. Possible rewards include:

  • Certificate
  • Home contact (letter, phone call)
  • Reward based activity
  • Voucher for good behaviour

There is a House system to monitor attendance, progress and behaviour. Each student is assigned a mentor. Students are allocated to one of 8 Houses:

Year 9/10 students: Martin Flatman · Martin Luther King · Mother Teresa · Queen Elizabeth II

Year 11 students:    Lancaster  ·  Nelson Mandela  ·  Florence Nightingale ·  William Wilberforce

Vouchers are awarded each week for excellent attendance of 100% and outstanding behaviour.

Certificates are awarded for termly achievement and progress.



Unacceptable behaviour is behaviour for which exclusion (temporary or permanent) from the premises is likely. It can be regarded as unacceptable because of the severity of a particular behaviour or because of the frequency of less serious behaviour.



To bring about behaviour improvement we employ a high level of monitoring which enables us to assess each learner and to capture patterns of behaviour.

Each student is monitored through our 1-2-3 behavioural level system. We operate a clear and consistent Incident Management Plan.

Promoting Good Behaviour Policy