Qualification List 2019-2020

Assessment and Examination Results Appeals Policy


Accreditations and Qualifications

The accreditations / qualifications which students can achieve include:

Up to 8 GCSEs or equivalents (see below):

English, Maths, Science: Biology and Chemistry, Drama, Physical Education, Psychology and Design Technology.

EL, L1 & L2 Qualifications:

English, Maths, Science, Performance Skills, Dance, Music Technology, PSD, Food & Cookery, Hair & Beauty, Childcare, Photography, speaking and Listening, Equestrian Skills and ESOL.

Awards: Arts Award Bronze, Young Leaders award KS3/KS4, Skills for Further Learning & Employment.


GCSEs Equivalent Qualifications
WJEC English Language
CIE iGCSE English Language
AQA English Literature
NCFE EL, L1 & L2 Certificates in English
Edexcel Maths (Foundation / Higher)
Edexcel Statistics
NCFE EL, L1 & L2 Certificate in Maths
AQA Biology
AQA Chemistry


AQA History

The student entitlement is that of 8 GCSEs with a single GCSE given a minimum of 120 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and a Double GCSE a minimum of 240 GLHs.