Principles Underpinning Delivery of the Curriculum


As an Alternative Provision Free School, the Harmonize Academy will adopt a number of innovative strategies to promote effective and enjoyable learning. These include the following:


  • Highly Personalised Pathways: These will be based on accurate and sensitive awareness of the educational needs of each student and 'stage not age' progression. The pathways will help raise aspirations of the most able and will improve the success of the less able and more vulnerable students.

  • Dynamic, Flexible and Integrated Programmes of Study: The Academy will seek to develop partnerships with other schools, voluntary groups, local business, public services and other providers to enrich the range of courses and opportunities on offer to students.

  • Training in Core Study Skills: Time and resources will be allocated to enable students to build a robust portfolio of core skills to support their self-directed and collaborative learning. Priority will be given to students’ self-development, enabling them to take initiative and to take responsibility for their learning.

  • Improving Outcomes in Core Subjects: Time and resources will be allocated to improve outcomes in English, Mathematics, Science and ICT.

  • Effective and Innovative Monitoring of Progress: Effective monitoring of academic progress through various mechanisms including a web based service where families and students will have access to the statistics on their individual progress and also the study material used in the most recent sessions.

  • Wide and Varied Curriculum Enrichment Programmes: These will be available to students through the allocation of a significant block of time within the school week from 3.00pm to 4.30pm each night and from 9.00am to 12midday on a Saturday.