Parents and Carers

Parent and Carer Review 2020

We hosted our first Year 11 review evening on 15th January 2020 and it was a great success with a huge turnout from students, parents and carers. It was observed by the Lead Ofsted Inspector on the second day of our Ofsted inspection who praised the event.  The annual Review Day normally held in July was not able to go ahead due to the Covid-19 pandemic but we did carry out a student and parent/carer survey - see comments below:


"My daughter has been in Harmonize Academy since October and this school is amazing in every area, and so caring and attentive, especially over the difficult times of lockdown.

"I have been happy with the support my nephew has received from school. The school rang every time to check his welfare and whether he is completing his course work.

"My son only went to Harmonize Academy for a couple of weeks before lockdown. In that time, he settled well and seemed happy. I’m hoping when he’s back, he will thrive and do well in his new school.

"I was really happy with my daughter’s report and, in the short time she has been there, she has made so much progress.

"Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for my son.

"I was very pleased with my daughter’s report. I didn’t know she was doing so well in her lessons. I am very happy with her progress and the help and support she has received so, thank you.

"I am extremely proud of my daughter for her report and hope that she keeps up with all the hard work, and continues with her good behaviour. Thank you all for teaching/helping/understanding my daughter and her needs.

"I really enjoyed reading my child's report.

"We were pleasantly surprised at our grand-daughter’s report and hope she keeps it up.

"I was really pleased with my son’s report. The comments and scores were great.

"During lockdown, I felt the school supported us with homework online and phone calls/ text messages every day.

"Over lockdown, I received a lot of support from Sheelagh.

"During lockdown I spoke to Liz a lot. She supported and helped me more than she probably knows. Carl and Wynn also helped and supported us too.


“It was really encouraging to hear the positive feedback from both pupils and guardians. One foster parent expressed that he was initially doubtful about sending his charge all the way from Warrington to Liverpool to attend Harmonize, when they had a school round the corner from their house. His views changed when he saw the improvement in the young person. The guardians agreed that the small size of the school and its classes, and the high level of one-to-one attention and support, made a great difference. For the first time their children actually said that they enjoyed school. This was backed up by the young people themselves.”

 - Dr Modupe Omideyi, Chair of Governors


Keep Kids Safe

We are now using Keep Kids Safe which means we can contact parents and carers by text and enables us to send messages home at short notice. Please keep us updated with the best mobile number to contact you on.