Harmonize Academy 2016-17


Review Day Feedback

“It was really encouraging to hear the positive feedback from both pupils and guardians. One foster parent expressed that he was initially doubtful about sending his charge all the way from Warrington to Liverpool to attend Harmonize, when they had a school round the corner from their house. His views changed when he saw the improvement in the young person. The guardians agreed that the small size of the school and its classes, and the high level of one-to-one attention and support, made a great difference. For the first time their children actually said that they enjoyed school. This was backed up by the young people themselves.”

 - Dr Modupe Omideyi, Chair of Governors


At the end of term, parents and carers were invited to meet with the Harmonize Teaching staff to discuss their child’s progress, GCSEs, vocational qualification choices and career plans. There was also an opportunity to talk to the Chair of Governors, Dr Modupe Omideyi and Martin Flatman, Chair of the Education Committee who both thoroughly enjoyed their conversations with parents, carers, students and staff. The Principal, Stephen Daley was delighted that so many parents and carers attended and for all their positive comments. We always welcome feedback and this is what some of you had to say:


Comments from Parents/Carers:

"I am extremely pleased with the feedback and I have seen a positive change in my son’s attitude."

"I am happy with the feedback and I’m pleased to see my son showing enthusiasm in music."

"I am extremely pleased with the overall improvement in studies and behaviour."

"I’m amazed to see how happy my son is after school; and happy to see progress in such a short time."

"I’m extremely happy with the feedback and pleased to hear my son has settled into school. I am overwhelmed with the positivity from staff; it’s the first time he has settled into school."

"I’m happy to hear about my son’s potential ability and positive feedback. I’m happy with his progress and hope to improve his attendance next year."

"I’m proud of my daughter’s improvements."

"This is the best school our daughter has attended."

"There’s a big change in my daughter’s behaviour. She gets along well with staff, enjoys trips out and drama – speaks highly of the teacher."

"I’m relieved to hear how well my son is doing, it’s the best feedback received compared to previous schools. He enjoys attending Harmonize and gets on well with staff."

"I’m extremely pleased with the feedback; I’m happy for my daughter to be attending Harmonize."


Our Students say:

"I have enjoyed attending Harmonize." [Year 10]

"I enjoy music and PE." [Year 10]

"I enjoy the general experience at Harmonize; I’m doing well in Maths with Vicky." [Year 9]

"I am happy attending Harmonize. I enjoy the atmosphere and I’m looking forward to completing my GCSEs next year." [Year 10]

"I enjoy PE at Harmonize." [Year 9]

"I enjoy Harmonize and the way the days are structured. I have made friends here." [Year9]

"I’m happy attending Harmonize and looking forward to the next year." [Year 10]

"I feel content attending Harmonize." [Year 9]

"I’m happy with this school and I hope that I can continue to build my confidence." [Year 10]

"The staff are friendly and it’s a nice atmosphere. Childcare, PE and PSHE are my favourite subjects." [Year 10]

"I have enjoyed my time here so far." [Year 9]

"I like music and I like playing with Logic and in September, I want to do the best I can." [Year 9]


Keep Kids Safe

We are now using Keep Kids Safe which means we can contact parents and carers by text and enables us to send messages home at short notice. Please keep us updated with the best mobile number to contact you on.