New Students



Harmonize will commit to high quality induction for every new student accepted on to the roll.

Over the first six weeks a profile of achievement and attainment will be created using all data and information sent from the host school.

In addition, we will include in the profile information resulting from the following:

1.  Reading and spelling tests;

2.  Baseline assessments in English, maths and science; and

3.  PASS – Pupils' Attitudes to Self and School.

The latter provides incisive insights into a range of students’ characteristics, frustrations and aspirations and the barriers which may be preventing them achieving. We will be alert to the signs of Special Educational Needs and involve appropriate support services to ensure that these are accounted for.

On entry to Harmonize Academy each student will be introduced to their Mentor who for the following 6 weeks will support and challenge the student to understand the purpose of the placement, and ensure that any barriers to an understanding of its purpose are removed and replaced by cooperation with the personalised programme to be put in place.