Our Principles


High value: Harmonize Academy offers an environment where young people feel valued and in turn value themselves, others, their community and the wider world.

More time for learning: We operate an extended day curriculum where our students can learn in various ways and through exciting activities and projects.

Broad career-focused curriculum: The curriculum provides our students with opportunities to explore careers in three particular industries for which our region is renowned: arts and entertainment, football and equestrianism.

World view: We provide our students with opportunities to engage with and appreciate other young people in poorer nations.

Learning in the community: Our students enjoy learning in an environment that values the community and increases their empathy for other vulnerable groups.

Christian ethos: We have a Christian ethos underpinned by strong moral values and welcome young people from all backgrounds, whether faith or non-faith. Our students learn in a happy environment where four key words operate – trust, respect, compassion and forgiveness.

Flexibility to progress: We offer our students the flexibility to return to mainstream provision or complete their compulsory education with us.

Something new: Our Academy offers a different choice - something new.