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Parent and Carer Review Day July 2018 

Once again at the end of the summer term, parents and carers were invited to meet with the Harmonize Teaching staff to discuss their child’s progress, GCSEs, vocational qualification choices and career plans.  Some of the school governors dropped in to take the opportunity to meet and talk with students, parents and carers. The Principal, Mr Stephen Daley was delighted that so many parents and carers attended and for all their positive comments. 

We always welcome your feedback and this is what some of you had to say this year:


  • Well done, keep up the good work

  • Really happy with my daughter’s report. She has settled well in Harmonize and seems so much happier.

  • Really made up with all the teachers’ comments. We feel our son has really settled in well and is achieving and maturing in leaps and bounds since coming to Harmonize.

  • I’m extremely pleased with my daughter’s progress and hard work. I have heard a lot of positive comments.

  • Started well and although there was a bit of a blip, my son seems to be looking at a fresh start next term. I’m very impressed with the school.

  • An excellent school that supports my son a lot.

  • An excellent report – my daughter has excelled since starting Harmonize and I am thrilled with her progress.

  • Outstanding school and all staff are amazing.  Thank you so much for supporting my son.

  • I’m very happy with the comments from my daughter’s teachers and TAs and I hope she continues to progress well next year.

  • I’m happy with my daughter’s targets, well done.

  • I have had a great time talking to the staff. Good reports so far, great!

  • I am so proud of my son and the school for their support and encouragement this year.

  • I’m pleased with the wonderful work all the staff of this great school are doing with my daughter and the other children. Thank you everyone, I am very grateful.

  • I was pleasantly surprised how well my son has settled in; hopefully, he will be able to stay here.

  • I am very pleased to hear the positive feedback from the teachers. My daughter has settled in very well and this is down to the school.

  • I’m amazed with my son’s progress this year – all comments have been excellent.

  • I’m very pleased with my son’s work – lots of positive comments. I’m leaving with a smile on my face.

  • I am very happy with all the support my son has had from the school and very pleased with his progress.

  • I am over the moon with the progress my son has made since being at Harmonize; amazing school and teachers

  • Thank you, my son has really turned his life around.

  • I’m really thankful that Harmonize persevered with my son.

  • My son has really grown in confidence.

  • My daughter is like a totally different person and is doing so well. Thank you to everyone at Harmonize.

Our Students said:

  • I enjoy being at Harmonize. [Year 10]

  • Harmonize is fun! [Year 9]

  • My favourite subjects are PE, music and football. [Year 9]

  • I loved the staff, I settled very well and enjoyed all my time here. [Year 11]

  • I liked Harmonize my, especially all the support I got from staff that made everything easier to understand. [Year 11]

  • My highlights are Maths, Food and Enrichment. [Year 10]

  • My highlights are photography, woodwork and the tug-of-war. [Year 9]

  • I like being able to do dance in school, going on loads of trips and having Lottie as my TA.[Year 10]

  • I’m working on my behaviour, leadership skills and focus. [Year 10]

  • I like music lessons, small classes and sausage ons! [Year 9]

  • I like dance because of the fitness and it helps my confidence; learning to cook and drama. I have made loads of friends. I love going to the care home for the elderly and I’m going to volunteer there over summer.  [Year 10]

  • I get lots of support here especially from my mentor, Becky. [Year 10]

  • The best thing is the teachers. Liz helps me calm down and I like the support I get from teachers. [Year 9]

  • I’ve had a good year and enjoyed everything. [Year 10]

  • I like Maths! [Year 10]

 Parent and Carer Review Day July 2017

 “It was really encouraging to hear the positive feedback from both pupils and guardians. One foster parent expressed that he was initially doubtful about sending his charge all the way from Warrington to Liverpool to attend Harmonize, when they had a school round the corner from their house. His views changed when he saw the improvement in the young person. The guardians agreed that the small size of the school and its classes, and the high level of one-to-one attention and support, made a great difference. For the first time their children actually said that they enjoyed school. This was backed up by the young people themselves.”

Dr Modupe Omideyi, Chair of Governors

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