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North-West MPs Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram visit Harmonize Academy

Students and staff were delighted to welcome the Shadow Home Secretary and MP for Leigh, Andy Burnham and the MP for Walton, Steve Rotheram to the school recently.

The MPs toured the school with governors, Jenni Hicks and Dr Modupe Omideyi and saw for themselves the alternative learning environment which offers different choices for the young people who are referred here.  Some of the students performed their own personal monologue for the VIP guests and were privileged to join Mr Burnham and Mr Rotheram afterwards for a question and answer session.

At the end of the visit, Andy Burnham, MP said,

“This school is a real model that could be replicated elsewhere giving alternative provision to young people who for whatever reason, haven’t flourished in mainstream education.

I take the view that schools are much more than exam factories.  We’re trying to nurture rounded young people who have their sights raised and who are ready to go on and make a success of themselves in the wider world; alternative provision is all about bringing out those other skills alongside the academic skills.

I think the emphasis on performing arts here is really important because it teaches confidence and the ability to present well and that is so important whatever profession young people choose.  That is the strength of Harmonize Academy - this place gives young people the ability to express themselves and to find their creativity and that is something which all schools should do.”