KS3 Group

The aims of the provision

To provide provision for students to access Education via alternative learning methods and environment. It is intended that the student will be integrated into a mixed group of no more than 9 students with access to 1-on-1 support if needed.

Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 3

The 25 periods at Key Stage 3 are allocated as follows:

KS3 Curriculum Plan
Year 9 En4  Ma3Sc3PSHE3 Mu1Dr1 Fs2 Pe2 Te2E4 Hs1 


  • En English
  • Ma Maths
  • Sc Science
  • PSHE PSHE Personal, Social, Health
  • Mu Music
  • Dr Drama
  • Fs Food Studies
  • PE Physical Education
  • Te DesignTechnology
  • E Enrichment
  • Hs House Assembly

At Key Stage 3 there is a strong emphasis on developing the students’ literacy and numeracy skills in order to allow them to access all areas of the curriculum.

KS3 Timetable


Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Maths EnglishScience English Food Studies
2 PSHE Drama PSHE Design Tech Science
3 English Science PE Maths Design Tech
4 PE Maths Music Food Studies PSHE
5 Enrichment Enrichment Enrichment Enrichment House Assembly