Health and Safety

Harmonize Academy is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all students, staff, visitors and members of the public.

Mr Michael Kearns, Site Manager is the Health & Safety Officer.

Health and Safety Policy

First Aid Notice 2018 -19

Current First Aid personnel are listed below.

First Aid equipment is stored in Room 12. The Medical Room, Ground Floor, Left Corridor. 





Health & Safety Officer


Mr Michael Kearns

Site Manager

Ground Floor

Site Manager’s Office,

off Dining Hall

Room 20

First Aider including Epipen

Mrs Liz Cunningham

Assistant Principal

Ground Floor


First Aider

Ms Kim Ball

Teaching Assistant

Ground Floor

Left Corridor

Dance Studio Room 6

First Aider

Ms Saffron Collister

Teaching Assistant

First floor

Right Corridor

English Room 46

First Aider

Mr Sam Elackman

IT Technician

First Floor

Right Corridor

Technician's Room 44

First Person on Scene

First Aider

Mr Neal King

Teaching Assistant


Ground Floor


First Aider

Ms Zoe Pasquet



First floor

Left Corridor

PSHE Room 33