Qualification List 2018-19

Summer 2019 Examination Season Timetable

Assessment and Examination Results Appeals Policy

Accreditations and Qualifications

The accreditations / qualifications which students can achieve include:

Up to 8 GCSEs or equivalents (see below): 

English, Maths, Science: Biology and Chemistry, Drama, Physical Education, Psychology and Design Technology.

EL, L1 & L2 Qualifications: 

English, Maths, Science, Performance Skills, Dance, Music Technology, PSD, Food & Cookery, Hair & Beauty, Childcare, Photography, speaking and Listening, Equestrian Skills and ESOL.

Awards: Arts Award Bronze, Young Leaders award KS3/KS4, Skills for Further Learning & Employment.

GCSEs Equivalent Qualifications
WJEC English Language

NCFE EL, L1 & L2 Certificates in English

Edexcel Maths (Foundation / Higher)

NCFE EL, L1 & L2 Certificate in Maths

AQA Biology

AQA Chemistry


AQA Drama

NCFE L1 Award Performance Skills Using Dance

NCFE L2 Cert Performance Skills

NCFE L2 Cert Music Technology

NCFE L2 Ext Cert Music Technology

LAMDA L2 Award Speaking and Listening Skills

WJEC PE Short Course

AQA PE Full Course



NCFE L1 V.Cert Food and Cookery

NCFE L2 V.Cert Food and Cookery

  NCFE L1 Award PSD


NCFE L1 Ext Cert PSD

NCFE L1 Award Sexual Health Awareness

NCFE L1 Award Mental Health Awareness

NCFE L1 Award Substance Misuse Awareness

NCFE L1 Award Alcohol Awareness

 VTCT L1 Award Introduction to Hair & Beauty Sector 

VTCT L1 Cert Introduction to Hair & Beauty Sector

VTCT L2 Award Hair & Beauty Skills

VTCT L2 Ext Award Hair & Beauty Skills

VTCT L2 Ext Cert Hair & Beauty Skills

NCFE L1 Cert Photography

NCFE L1 Ext Cert Photography

NCFE CACHE L2 Award Child Development & Care

BHS EL Award Equestrian Skills

Archbishop of York: Young Leaders Award KS3/KS4

Arts Award Bronze / Silver

Trinity: ESOL Grade 5

Open Awards EL3 Skills for Further Learning & Employment


The student entitlement is that of 8 GCSEs with a single GCSE given a minimum of 120 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and a Double GCSE a minimum of 240 GLHs.